4 homes

We’re based in NY, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona.


6MM+ lines of code

They help us create jaw-dropping experiences.


33% creative, tech, and strategy

Our composition is balanced.


91+ cities have enjoyed our projects

We spread fun all over the globe.


1st Interactive Billboard in Times Square

We played a key role in this groundbreaking project.


1st Live Face Projection Mapping Show

Always pushing the boundaries of imagination.


0% trans fat

We’re nimble.


Seeding Ideas

We bake fresh ideas every day. Ideas that turn into unexpected experiences that blend the digital and physical worlds. Experiences people crave.

Let us know your goals, and we’ll bring amazing ideas to make them happen.

Content Production & Development

Our production process involves carefully choreographing various disciplines such as interaction technologies, video, animation, and audiovisual architectural integration.

We produce large-scale events and performances, interactive projections, retail experiences, and high-end VFX and animation for live experiences and augmented reality works.

We are perfectionists in every detail of our content production process. Our technology is rock solid, so you can rely on us. Just sit back and enjoy the view.

Infinity & Beyond

We treat our works as living beings. They evolve and get better.

Through careful hardware support and a planned content strategy, our projects are designed to have a long life and spread like wildfire through social networks after they go live.

We deliver creative uses of technology powered by

a full content production pipeline.

We have been awarded


And been covered by

If that speaks to you, let’s work together.

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